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White Temple of Chiang Rai

The WAT RONG KHUN, also known as White Temple, or White Temple of Chiang Rai deserves a post in our blog.

It is a MUST of the North of Thailand, and for me one of the temples that have surprised me for the different, modern and novel. It could be said that it is a work of contemporary Buddhist art.

Its author, the Thai painter and sculptor, Chalermchai Kosinpipat set out to do this work to honor the Buddha and attract more visitors to the North of the Country.

The reconstruction and current image date from 1997, although in 2014 it had to be restored due to the damage caused by an earthquake.

A temple without thousands of colorines in Thailand? If possible.

The nuclear white of the plaster contrasts with the mirror inlays that reflect the sunlight, along with the surrounding pond, and that creates the effect of mirage in the water: it is simply wonderful.

Parts of the White Temple: 

1. The Bridge of Reincarnation.

The Reincarnation Bridge is the one that allows access to the central hall or building of the Temple, which is known as Ubosot.

With this bridge, He wanted to represent metaphorically the transit from death to life through reincarnation, which defends Buddhism.

The entrance to the temple, is simulated with hundreds of white and skeletal hands, emerging from a pit, which seem to want to leave the hells, pleading and representing human pain and suffering.

Come on, that is all very rare to be a temple and that although it gives a little YUYU, it surprises and makes you wake up many sensations with what you enjoy a lot. As you go through the bridge until you reach the main building, happiness is represented as a result of having overcome all temptations and thus getting rid of human suffering.

2. The heaven's Door.

Located just at the end of the Reincarnation Bridge and at the entrance of the Ubosot is the Heaven Gate guarded by 2 gigantic guardians known as Rahus, figures that represent death and decide if men can move on to a new life , and that, with nuances, can resemble the Christian concept of purgatory.

3. The Ubusot.

It is the central part of the Temple and main building, surrounded by the lake. If you stop to contemplate the details of the forms, and crystals, the result I repeat again is more than surprising.

How to get to the White Temple if you are in Chiang Rai, price and schedules:

How to get there: It is about 15 km from Chiang Rai so it is very easy and cheap to get there.

Bus to Pha Yao (station 1, pier 7 of Chiang Rai), 20 Baths. Next to the Night Bazaar.

Another option if you are in a group is to take a taxi from Chiang Rai, the prices do not go up from 300 Baths, that is, less than 10 euros per route.

Price: Entrance is 50 Baths. An example of the defense of art outside the tourist speculation and reach of all.

Hours: Open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and until 17,30 Saturdays and Sundays.

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And I finish this entry, turned into FAN of this Thai artist, Kosinpipat, who has managed to conquer the world with a groundbreaking Temple, loaded with symbolism and with that bizarre touch, which leaves no one indifferent.

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