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Siam Home Cooking Class

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Looking to learn how to cook your own Pad Thai? What about learning how to make a 7-course authentic Thai meal? You are in for a treat! Sian Home Cooking Class is an all inclusive cooking course that will set you up for a great day filled with learning and a whole lot of food.

Pick up time is bright and early at 7:30am from the hostel. Avoid eating breakfast, you will be eating enough food for the whole day.

We started off by visiting a local market to learn about traditional ingredients used in Thai meals. Our group of 9 wandered around the aisles of the market gawking at the unique foods (bugs galore) and drooling over the samples.

Next, we headed to the location of the course. Upon arrival, we grabbed a quick coffee and selected the 7 dishes we wanted to cook from a menu.

Each dishes ingredients were divided up and prepared for each cook (that's us, we are the cooks now ;)). The preparation made the process move along quickly. This also allowed for us to focus on perfecting technique.

After cutting vegetables we moved over to the cooking station which contained one wok for each person. We cooked our ingredients over the flame following the directions of the head chef, Nancy, and her side cook. After we finished each dish it was eating time!

Cooking Drunken Noodles

Our group made a pact to finish every dish and proudly succeeded. We made dish after dish and ate them all!

After we finished our meal we repeated the process for each of the 6 remaining dishes.

The most entertaining dish to make was the Drunken Noodles. When cooking this dish water is added to your veggies creating a HUGE flame when its tossed in the oil filled wok. I would definitely recommend attempting this dish.

After finishing up our final dish we were offered a discounted Thai massage at Naruncha for 100 baht. DO THIS. 75% of our group went for the massage and the others missed out. Everyone that decided to get a Thai massage claimed it to be one of the best they had to date. The location was clean and had AC.

We 10/10 recommend this class to anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

Does 7 sound like too much to cook? It wasn't! But if you still think it may be too much for a day then you can choose to cook to only cook 4 dishes.

Contact Khai to find out more details and learn to cook your own Thai meals.

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