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Pad Thai, the most famous food in Thailand

If we talk about the most famous food of Thai cuisine for both locals and foreigners, the answer is the same, without a doubt the Pad Thai (ผัด ไทย), although its full name is "Kway teow Pad Thai "(ก๋วยเตี๋ยว ผัด ไทย) and consists of a plate of rice noodles "Kway teow "(ก๋วยเตี๋ยว ผัด) fried or sautéed "Pad"(ผัด) Thai style.

Although it is more usual to do it with prawns, it can also be done with chicken, pork, fish or tofu and all the vegetable ingredients. There are different versions of this recipe in different areas of the country. It is also possible to do it using soy noodles or flour noodles although the traditional thing in the Pad Thai is to do it with these rice noodles or Kway teow.

The basic condiments to enrich the dish are three, fish sauce for the salty taste, tamarind paste for the acidity point and palm sugar for the sweetness.

In Thailand we accompany it with Chinese garlic or chives, a slice of lime, sugar, roasted peanuts and chili toasted powder, so that each person can adjust their taste to taste. It can be served in two ways, all in the same dish or separately with the accompaniments and condiments.

If you want to try the Pad Thai Grandma's recipe come to our hostel.

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