thai Cooking School

We partner with Siam House and Master Chef Nancy to give you the VIP experience on Thai Cooking. There are different types of courses throughout the day ( depending on how big your appetite is!). Unlike other cooking schools in Chiang Mai, Chef Nancy gives you the option to pick one of six courses and provides one-on-one video conference when you need help at home. You will get to visit the market and see where all your fresh ingredients are coming from. At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate and cooking book to bring home so you can continue cooking delicious Thai recipes wherever you are!

White Water Rafting

Not for the faint of heart, this has to be one of the most exhilarating activities in Chiang Mai. Experience the jungle while rushing down the river in this thrilling adventure!

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Enjoy watching one of the oldest sports in Thailand - Thai boxing! The Muay Thai fights in Chiang Mai will keep you on your toes, literally! A nice way to relax with a beer, or to start off  your night.

Mountain biking

There are various different tours for every level for this adventure.  Many of the routes will bring you through the Doi Suthep National Park with stunning views around you. Lunch by the beautiful lake in the park is also included. For the amateur or avid cyclist, feel the mountain wind while riding down the roads of Doi Suthep. 

Elephant Sanctuary

At Thailand Wow Hostel, we believe in the ethical treatment of elephants and do not support elephant rides. Instead, we support elephant sanctuaries that treat these animals with respect and care. Trips to a sanctuary let travellers feed, bathe and hang out with them. You can choose from a half day or full day excursion and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic day!


Get off the beaten path and explore majestic Chiang Mai by going on a hiking adventure. We have lots of different types of treks available.


We have tours that offer trekking with elephants (no riding!!) and without elephants.  You can go on a beautiful one day, two day or three day elephant sanctuary & trekking tour. 

We can also organise  an only walking one day, two day or three day trek tour where you can visit the Karen Village, trek through the jungle with extraordinary views and swim and relax at the waterfall!


Nothing is more serene then floating down a jungle in a kayak, a great addition to a tour package.  There are lots of different kayak tours such as the jungle kayak adventure, the Mae Ngat Valley Bike & Kayak tour or the Sirilanna National Park Lake Trip and many more! There is something to suit everyone!

Paint Ball

Grab a group of your friends and shoot around the mountains of Chiang Mai. Enjoy and have an action packed experience with friends!

Zip Lining Rollercoaster

Partnering with Jungle Flight, come and try the world's longest jungle zip line rollercoaster set deep in the heart of the beautiful Thai rainforest and get your adrenaline pumping! A must do while in Chiang Mai for all ages!

Thai Massage/Spa

You can't stay in Chiang Mai without getting a massage, especially after a long day touring this vibrant city. You'll definitely get a bang for your buck here.

Chiang Rai White temple

Why not take a one day trip to our neighbouring town Chiang Rai? We have two different types of tours. One of the tours brings you to a Hot spring followed by a trip to the famous White Temple. After lunch, there is a stop at Black Horse or "Baan Dam" and then back to Chiang Mai. The second tour is more extensive and includes the above along with a visit to the Golden Triangle where you can enjoy the scenery of tree borders along Khong River. This is followed by lunch in a local restaurant near the Mae Sai border. After lunch, the tour continues to the border where you can see Thailand and Burma. Before returning to Chiang Mai, you will visit the Yao Tribe and Akha Tribe. What a big day out!!


Go off road in the four-wheeler and experience the jungle forest like never before. Make incredible memories riding through one hour of bumps, mud, hills and rocks through the rainforest. Protection gear is provided!

This is just a glimpse of things to do in Chiang Mai. Many of these activities come with a guide, meal, admission, and transportation from your hotel. It can be packaged to fit your needs so don't hesitate to ask me (Khai) for more information about these tours that can be best catered to you or your group. I'm more than happy to help you book with the most ethical and safest companies and get you the best-hidden deals!

Want more information on tours? Feel free to contact us anytime!
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